Be Comfortable
becoming Uncomfortable

Step outside your of your comfort zone. Embrace the unknown.

Get paid to make a difference

83% of Australia’s power is generated from coal.

Passion enables innovation.

Spark your muse. Ignite your career.

Find limits. Then Push.

Take responsibility, take action. Success or failure rests solely in your hands so give it your all.

Integrity is the bedrock of success.

Unethical behavior is a slippery slope. Avoid the slope because everyone can slip.

Our values.

What do we think?

At PRISM Group we believe in internal growth above all else. This means that everyone who comes to work with us has the chance to develop and progress through our ranks.

Whether you’re interested in an office role, becoming a gun sales person, team leadership, channel or state management, or even more demanding roles, the consistent supervision and mentorship provided means the only thing holding you back here is yourself.

Everyone in the Senior Management team has started in an entry level sales role to progress to where they have got to today and they are passionate about providing the same opportunities to others.

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

We’ve had door knockers go on to move interstate to open and run their own office…

How far can you go?

Where are you headed?

Most people start life with PRISM as a representative, this is either in field or in our contact centre, from there, where you go is up to yourself.

We can offer a path into:

  • Rep Management
  • Sales Consultant
  • Sales Management
  • Contact Centre Management
  • Channel Management
  • Administration
  • Verification & Compliance
  • Training
  • Recruitment
  • Office Management

To take your first step towards any of the above roles let us know a little about you in the box below.

Tell us your name, provide some contact details and let us know what you can bring to PRISM and where you see yourself 6 months from now!

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